“Peaceful” Ferguson Race Rioters Attack “White Boy” in the Street

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Incredibly, the race rioters of Ferguson, Missouri are still running amok nearly three months after the death of Michael Brown. This candid video shows a group of the “peaceful” protesters chasing down a young man they refer to as “white boy.” It’s not racist if a black person says it…

The young man was just trying to go home when he was assaulted by a mob of blacks who threw him against a car. “Get the f*ck back in your car,” one of the rioters yelled. Apparently, it’s a crime to be white and walking down the street in the heartland of America now.

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Even after the young man got back in his car, the protesters continued to harass him all the way down the road. Clearly, their motives are to terrorize, not to insight justice, as they claim they are doing. It’s not racist if a black person does it…

Another man expressed his disgust over having to sit in traffic on a city street so that the black community could reenact Planet of the Apes for the third straight month in a row. “You know nothing of suffering, so shut the f*ck up,” responded a black woman. “We’re just talking about, like, you know, the value of black life.” Very articulate.

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Ferguson, MO is headed the way of Detroit and Chicago. Soon, the already crime-ridden streets will be devoid of any substance besides gang activity and illegal shenanigans. Business owners will flee. Good, hard-working, all-American families will move. All this because a white cop shot a delinquent black teenager who assaulted him. Obama’s America, everybody.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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