5-Year-Old Quarantined for Ebola After Arriving From West Africa

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New Yorkers are terrified on Monday after yet another Ebola case may have surfaced in the city.

A 5 year-old boy was rushed to Bellevue Hospital on Sunday shortly after he and his family arrived in the country from West Africa. The boy had a 103 degree fever and “looked weak” according to witnesses.

“He was really, really out of it,” said a neighbor who saw the boy getting carried out of his Bronx apartment by medical personnel dressed in hazmat suits.

The boy’s family had recently arrived in the U.S. from Guinea, one of the countries in Africa where the most people have been infected with Ebola. His family members are now in quarantine in their Bronx apartment.

The news of this latest possible outbreak came amidst accusations that the quarantine measures being taken in New York and New Jersey are over the line. A New Jersey nurse has spoken out saying she has been forcibly quarantined in the hospital where she is employed and that she is being treated like a criminal after showing Ebola-like symptoms.

Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie, however, believe they are just trying to protect their people.

“We’re staying one step ahead,” New York Governor Cuomo said Sunday night. “We’re doing everything possible. Some people say we’re being too cautious. I’ll take that criticism.”

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H/T: The Blaze

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