Calls For More Riots In Ferguson As Grand Jury Leak Indicates No Indictment For Wilson

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“Anyone else with confidential information or documents to leak, especially gov. or police emplyees E-Mail [email protected] That is just one of many  posts on the twitter feed of Operation Ferguson (@OpFerguson). In light of recent “leaks”, reportedly by reliable sources who work for the government with access to police records, the Grand Jury will not indict Officer Wilson in this case.  Speculation as to when the announcement will be official is rampant on the feed and the majority think it will be after the elections November 4. This brings up a number of very serious concerns for the people of Ferguson.

1-Someone employed by your city government and/or police force is leaking information to a group who advocates rioting, looting, and violence. That’s a problem as “leaks” are generally utilized when the government is trying to cover something up, not when the evidence clearly indicates no malice or intent with regards to an officer involved shooting of a criminal.

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2-Your town is being targeted for continued destruction of public property by groups of people who do not live there. This is costing your community thousands if not millions of dollars as police and national guard are reportedly on “high alert.”….at least according to the same sources who say the Grand Jury will not indict.

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3-Ferguson is not being permitted to heal. In light of two recent deaths of young black men at the hands of police, a real conversation about who did what to whom needs to occur. Honestly dealing with the facts in these cases will allow families to grieve and move on with their lives.

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4-Race baiting zealots out to hijack Dr. King’s dream are neglecting to site all the facts in this matter. Mike Brown was a thief, autopsy results seem to support Officer Wilson’s testimony, and the Grand Jury has made no actual announcement. All of these twitter attempts to rouse up additional riots are based on “leaks” and speculation. Isn’t that just as bad as demonizing a police officer before all the facts have been assessed? Or as bad as misreporting by media outlets based on emotion and supposition instead of waiting on the evidence?

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Dear @OpFerguson, you would best serve your community by attempting to identify the source of the issues driving crime, drug use, and gang affiliations of your young citizens of every color. Intervening early with youths at risk might prevent future crime and shootings at the hands of police and/or other teens. There should be operations underway in Ferguson to warn young people about the risks of doing drugs and using guns and committing crimes. Had preventative measures been taken, both Brown and Myers might still be with us. Their losses were sad, but destroying Officer Wilson for apparently doing his job is not the answer. Destroying your very own city through riots and retaliation is self defeating. Not every police officer is who he/she is supposed to be. But, most are just trying to serve and protect. Do your citizens a favor and find ways to work with law enforcement rather than against it. That will honor the memory of these two misguided men whose untimely deaths have shed light on a serious problem in the African American Community.

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