82 Year Old Black Grandmother Explains Why She Just Voted Straight Republican

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In what must have been a shocking, unexpected call on C-Span, a woman named Joyce dressed down the Democrats in a swift, two minute, kick in the pants. Identifying herself as an 82 year old, black, senior citizen grandmother, Joyce proceeds to explain why she is no longer aligned with the Democrats.

Citing her faith, she lists everything from the removal of God from the Democratic platform to abortion as being at odds with her Christian beliefs. She said, “I cannot say that I’m a Christian and stay in the Democrat party.” Unemployment, abortion, and the Democratic candidate for governor in Texas were all on her hit list. She accurately contended that welfare was being collected by so many who didn’t need it, that those in need of help were unable to get it. She factually recounted that unemployment for blacks is twice that of anyone else in this country. Finally, she went after Wendy Davis, who is running for Governor, for her lengthy filibuster of recent legislation attempting to limit abortion. Stating “she spent 13 hours advocating the killing of babies” Joyce was quite clear about her reasoned decision to vote Republican.

Joyce says “stop that foolishness” about the constant cries from blacks and other democrats that opposing the views and policies of Barak Obama is racist. She goes on to say that Obama vowed to transform the United States and “that’s what he’s doing”. She was then cut off, by a seemingly stunned host who needed to “get in other voices.” Two minutes is worth the listen as Grandma Joyce gets it right.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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