Cowboy Whoops Man in Airport: ‘No Way, Motherf****r’

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WARNING: Video contains offensive language.

It is unclear what prompted Andrew Kennedy to begin filming a fellow passenger at Dallas Fortworth Airport on Thursday, but he caught an unbelievable encounter. One passenger, who appeared intoxicated, randomly began to berate a fellow passenger over a pink shirt. The unnamed assailant can then be seen removing his jacket and becoming increasingly irate.

When approached by a young man in a cowboy hat, the instigator is asked what he is upset about at which time he begins to shout homophobic slurs. As the situation escalates, the gentleman in the pink shirt becomes the victim of more than a verbal assault. The ranting passenger proceeds to kick him in the groin and slap the back of his head before fellow passengers can wrestle his attacker to the ground and hold him for airport police.

To make matters worse, once subdued, the man is asked by police why he is angry and his response to the African American officers is completely racist. He mutters something about them being able to walk around “black”.  Onlookers appeared to be in utter disbelief at what they have witnessed. One witness stated he hoped drugs or alcohol was responsible for the man’s behavior.

To date, the perpetrator has not been identified, but he was arrested. It appears that in the heart of Texas, the most conservative state in the Union, Americans will not tolerate intolerance. The willingness of bystanders to intervene on behalf of a stranger under attack offers a little bright spot in a sometimes bleak looking world.

H/T: Mediaite

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