Maximum Sentence Imposed On Child Pornographers: 1500 Years

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Few acts are as vile and depraved as harming a child through sex acts and pornography. Patricia and Matthew Ayers have pleaded guilty to dozens of counts of doing just that to a minor child in their custody. Details of the child’s relationship to the couple and her age are not available, but those issues are also irrelevant.

For pleading guilty to 53 counts of producing child porn, performing sex acts on a child, and forwarding the images to a third party, Patricia Ayers has received 1590 years in prison. Her husband has pleaded guilty to 25 counts of producing child porn and performing sex acts on a child. Matthew Ayers has been sentenced to 750 years in prison.

Though these sentences extend well beyond the natural lives of these pedophiles, they seem insufficient. “I have been on the bench since 1998, and this is the worst case I have personally dealt with, including murders,” U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler told the defendants. “You robbed this child of her childhood and her soul, and a maximum sentence is the only sentence appropriate.”

One can hope that the ‘honor among thieves’ will surface and these two perverts will meet a painful, untimely end upon incarceration.  Let’s send up prayers for the child whose innocence was stolen by those who were trusted to protect it.

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