Kris and Stephanie From Sons of Guns Arrested For Child Cruelty

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Recently cancelled, the reality show Sons of Guns has had its share of controversy. First, the patriarch of the show, Will Hayden, has been accused of multiple counts of child rape. Two of his own daughters have publicly stated they were sexually abused by their father. Now, Stephanie Hayden, one of Will’s accusers, has been charged with standing by while her boyfriend whipped her son and left bruises. Kris Ford, not the 9-year old’s father, punished Hayden’s son by spanking with a belt. Bruises were noted along the boys lower buttocks and authorities stepped in.

Having been abused herself, one would think Stephanie would be over protective of her son and intervene on his behalf. Since that did not occur, perhaps jail is where both she and her boyfriend belong.

H/T: Controversial Times

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