Restaurant Targeted by Liberals for Having This Word in Its Name

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The PC Police have reached a level of idiocy which is laughable. They are now going after a Boulder-based burrito chain restaurant because they find its name offensive.

Illegal Pete’s is opening their seventh location in Old Town Fort Collins, but not before the liberal community has their say. An angry crowd gathered on Wednesday near the site of the new eatery and forced owner Pete Turner to listen to their off-base rants regarding why he needs to change the name of his business.

Turner named his restaurant, which is famous for their over-sized burritos, after a character in a novel he read as an English major. It also worked out well, being that he and his father are both named Pete. But now he is coming under fire from the pro-amnesty community. “Since I know the context, and I have been labeled with (the word illegal), it makes a huge difference to me,” said 25-year-old Lucy Gonzalez.


“In a room full of people of color, this is probably a little uncomfortable for you,” one woman said to Turner at the Wednesday meeting.

“Social context is hugely important,” Fort Collins immigration attorney and meeting moderator Kim Medina said. “We’ll never get to big issues, such as immigration reform, until we can solve these smaller issues of language.”

As Young Conservatives pointed out, the smart thing to do should one be offended by the name of an establishment, would be to simply not eat there; sensitive liberal feelings are not constitutionally protected. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section.

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