Grandpa saves granddaughter from rape!

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The second Amendment is often challenged by liberals as a dangerous, outdated and unnecessary American right that Americans should no longer have, even to defend themselves in their own homes. But yet again, we see why Americans have the right to bear arms.

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A 67-year old grandfather in North Carolina was at home with his wife and granddaughter when three hoodlums knock on his door and force entry into his home. Demanding money from the elderly man, they corral the family into the back room where the safe was located.

During this time, the three intruders begin eyeing the man’s granddaughter, making clear that they intended to sexually assault her.

But in Robbery 101, these idiots missed the day where you’re taught to stay on target. As the thugs salivate at the thought of attacking the 19-year-old girl, grandpa is reaching into the safe to pull out his gun, aim, and open fire on the potential rapists.

As Conservative Tribune reported:

“The grandfather was hit several times in the shootout, but was able to drive off the three thugs, who fled the house and stole his vehicle. Police eventually found the stolen Cadillac, with one of the thugs dead inside. The other two thugs were found at a local hospital, receiving treatment for their wounds.”

Police were able to confirm that the three hoodlums were suspected of being in several other burglaries that had occurred in the area previously.

2nd ammendment

After the shootout in his own home, the grandfather was airlifted to an intensive care unit at a nearby hospital and though his family said he made it out of surgery okay, he has a long recovery ahead of him. They are asking for prayer and support from friends and family and the whole country for this classic hero that stood up for his family, the right to defend yourself in your own home and the American right to freedom at all risks.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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