Muslims Demand Absurd Special Welfare

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In Minnesota, a Somali women’s advocacy group, known as Isuroon, is demanding that the state provide ‘halal’ food at the food bank for Islamic citizens that are going hungry. Halal food is food that Islamic law permits Islams to eat. The general rule of thumb is that the food is pork-free because for Muslims, pork is unclean and inedible.

But instead of raising awareness within the Islamic community to make efforts to have this special dietary need met (or to educate the Islamic community how to avoid impermissible foods), Isuroon is demanding that Hennepin county create and designate a special Muslim section for Halal food at taxpayers expense.

“Isuroon has reached out for Hennepin County’s support for the Ethnic Food Shelf, and has cooperated fully with the Hennepin County commissioner’s office and provided the county with their required qualifications,” the group said in a statement. “The commissioner’s office has ignored Isuroon’s requests for review and the community needs to respond to let the public know what has transpired. We want to make Commissioner Peter McLaughlin and the public know that we are serious about our need for an Ethnic Food Shelf which provides halal and appropriate nutrition for our community.”

Flexing that First Amendment muscle is one thing, but to demand peoples and organizations outside of your belief to pity your plight without any sign of exhile from the mosque or religious community that purportedly advocates selfless service and care of others is a violation of everyone else’s first amendment rights and abuse of the government’s intention for welfare.

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In truth, these demands are just a representation of the entitlement mentality that has taken over much of America. People have begun to take welfare, food stamps, and food banks for granted, and instead of expressing gratitude for the help such programs offer, they instead make demands for the handouts they feel they deserve, then get angry when their demands aren’t immediately met.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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