Elementary Schools Cancel Halloween!

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In Newington, Connecticut two elementary schools are calling off Halloween. Ruth Chaffee Elementary and Anna Reynolds Elementary are both excluding the Autumn festivity during school hours.  In  letters sent home to from the two principals, parents were informed that since Halloween is not celebrated by everyone, it shouldn’t be celebrated at all.

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Lori Montano was informed by the school that she would have to break the news to her eight year old daughter Alyssa that Halloween was not going to be allowed in school.

Alyssa’s response was:

“What did you think when you found out you can’t celebrate Halloween at school?” we asked.

“It was stupid and weird because they shouldn’t take it away from other people,” said Alyssa.

Lori sympathized with her daughter, stating,

“She’s disappointed, very disappointed because she has been doing it all the way up to this year,” said Lori. “Now they are not doing it this year.”

“I think it’s stupid, it’s not fair for the kids and I mean if some people don’t want to participate, then don’t participate, but they shouldn’t take it away from all the kids,” said Lori.

So what happened to the celebration of diversity and multi-culturism that was SO important and campaigned in schools across America during my childhood? PC fanatics are definitely having their holiday.

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