You Won’t Believe Why This Jodi Arias Juror Was Dismissed

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The sentencing retrial for murderer Jodi Arias began on Tuesday, when attorneys made their opening statements, accompanied by gruesome crime scene photographs. The drama continues to unfold, as it has been revealed that one individual has been dismissed from the jury, all for asking a question. They have been replaced with one of the six available alternate jurors.

Beth Karas was at the courthouse to report on the Arias retrial and be interviewed by a local news station. In the midst of her work day, the freelance journalist was approached by a juror and asked, “Are you Nancy Grace?” Karas, who does bear some resemblance to Grace with short blond hair, previously worked at HLN with the famous reporter.

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Freelance journalist Beth Karas.

Being that Grace reported on the first Arias trial quite extensively, the juror’s question was brought to the attention of Judge Sherry Stephens, who decided to dismiss them. Stephens has been adamant about maintaining an atmosphere of absolute fairness for Arias. Her first trial was media field day and this one has been much different.

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