“F*ck You!”: No-Nonsense Judge Sentences Cocky Thug to 300 Days in Jail for This

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Judges in the United States legal system have done a LOT of work vetting the Dos’s and Don’ts in court during their terms (don’t forget how much experience they had to have as a lawyer to get there).

Even if you’re in court under less than pleasant circumstances, there’s this old saying that goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

In Ohio, one Ebony Banks did not take that lesson to heart.

During a bond setting for two misdemeanor charges in a domestic dispute, including the man she lived with and one other person,  Banks was in a mood.

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Judge Gary Bennett had finished setting the bond on the two misdemeanors when he added the condition of a “no contact” with those persons involved in the dispute. Which meant that Banks could not talk to, call, email, text or social media either person and was required to leave any place that either of the other two were located, even if she was there first, including her home and public places.

The gloves came off and the sassy pants were on. Banks’ immediate response to the judges’ order was “How you gonna tell me I can’t go home?!” She kept talking, getting loud and dared the judge to keep her away from her own home.

So Judge Bennett put her up in jail for thirty days for contempt of court. But this further incensed the woman to yell at and insult the judge by walking away from their video feed, accruing more days until she got to 200.

The officer supervising Banks’ end of the sentencing was unable to get her safely back to the camera and apologized to the judge, and at the judges’ reply, Banks shouts “F*** YOU!”

“300 DAYS!” and a smack of the gavel was Judge Bennett’s answer.

Was justice served or was there more that Ms. Banks should know? Comment below!

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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