Judge Judy Puts the Smack Down on Liberal Benefits Junkie

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Judge Judy, queen of daytime reality television, has no patience when it comes to those who leech off the American tax-payer. Yesterday, she encountered one such bottom-feeder, named Talina Apodaca.

Apodaca claimed that she was on disability, despite the fact that she appeared to be an able-bodied young adult. Shedding further doubt on her need to collect government benefits, was the fact that she worked at a rave in Las Vegas to earn extra cash.

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Judge Judy saw right through the welfare junkie’s act. “Wait just a second, I thought you were on disability,” she questioned. “Wouldn’t it be better to work in a five day a week 9-to-5 office job, than a two-day rave?”

Judge Judy’s no-nonsense approach has earned her the respect of those who view her wildly popular court TV show. She also makes a whopping $47 million per year. Of course, that’s because she values hard work over taking handouts. Talina Apodaca should take note.

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