What This Girl Said To Police About Our Government Got Her In Big Trouble

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Lauren Cooley is a 22 year-old conservative activist and journalist who recently went to a college campus to ask students if they agreed that “big government sucks.”

However, thinks didn’t exactly go according to plan when she ran into some angry cops…

Cooley was talking to students at Broward Community College in Miami when police officers approached her and told her she needed to leave. The cops said that she needed to restrict her questions to the “free speech zone” on campus, and that she would be arrested if she refused to cooperate.

Recording the incident on her phone, Cooley asked the cops why she needed to go to a free speech zone. They replied by telling her that all political questions for students had to be restricted to a specific area of campus.

Incredulous, Cooley questioned the cops more until she finally left when they definitively told her she would be arrested if she didn’t. The young activist is still in shock that an American school would have a “free speech zone.”

“It’s literally the college my taxdollars go to partially fund,” she said of Broward school, pointing out that she should be able to say whatever she likes there.

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H/T: Reason

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