Substitute Teacher Caught on Tape Performing Oral Sex on 17-Year-Old Student

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22-year-old Symone Greene was working as a substitute teacher at Options Public Charter School in Northeast D.C., when she engaged in an explicit sexual act with a 17-year-old student. The student, a football player, told police he instigated the relationship by giving the young woman his cell phone number.


22-year-old Symone Greene had oral sex with a 17-year-old student on her first day as a substitute teacher at Options Public Charter School.

The lurid affair took place in a classroom after a pep rally for the football team. The student recorded Greene performing oral sex on him with his cellphone, unbeknownst to the teacher.

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The pair also sent several racy text messages to each other. The student asked Greene if she was “kinky,” to which she replied, “I don’t tell, I show.”


The affair took place in a classroom after a pep rally for the football team.

Greene was well aware that her extracurricular activities were illegal, according to one text message she sent the student, which read, “it is not right for a student and teacher to have a relationship.” She pleaded with the football player not to tell authorities, but he apparently had no intention of keeping their scandalous affair quiet.

Police were eventually able to catch the naughty teacher by texting her from her underage lover’s cellphone.


Greene has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

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Shannon Hodge, executive director of Options Public Charter School, released the following statement regarding the incident: “When school administrators learned of the incident Monday morning, we immediately contacted the Child and Family Services Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the parent of the student.”

The issue of female teachers engaging in explicit relationships with students seems to be a regular topic in the news. Why do you think we have seen so many cases of this illegal behavior crop up in recent years? Is it suggestive of the degradation of society? Sound off in the comments section.

H/T: Mail Online

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