Kim Jong-Un May Be Starting Another Purge As Six High Ranking Officials Disappear

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Just days after Kim Jong-Un finally reappeared after a month long hiatus, evidence suggests that he may be starting another purge in North Korea.

Six of North Korea’s highest ranking officials have gone missing, leading many to think that Kim had them executed.

The missing officials include the commanding officer of the North Korean air force and the minister of posts and telecommunications. An intelligence source told a South Korean newspaper that “six minister-level officials were executed.”

The six officials have not been seen in public for months, with each of them missing important events that they were supposed to attend.


One missing official was a key figure in the North Korean sporting world. He was supposed to appear at an event welcoming athletes back from the Asian Games. The gathering is pictured above, but the official in question was nowhere to be found.

Kim has launched two purges since coming to power in 2011. When he disappeared for 40 days last month, many suspected (and hoped) that he was having health problems. However, this new evidence suggests that he may have actually been using that time to start another brutal purge.

Another purge would signify Kim’s growing paranoia that he is losing power in his own government. One can only hope that Kim is indeed having serious health problems, so that this brutal madness can finally end.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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