The TRUTH About Phil Robertson’s Mysterious Hospital Stay

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Sadie Robertson set the rumor mill spinning when she revealed on Dancing With The Stars that her grandpa was in the hospital. Most everyone assumed she was referring to her grandpa Phil, patriarch of the famous Duck Dynasty clan. But as it turns out, Phil Robertson was never in the hospital at all.

Sadie explained that her whole family would not be present for her debut on DWTS because her grandpa had to go to the hospital. “My grandpa actually had to go to the hospital tonight,” she remarked, much to the astonishment of audience members. We now know that she was referring to her mother’s father, John Howard.

Sadie’s mother, Korie Robertson, told Radar Online:

“That was a false story. It was my dad who was in the hospital, not Phil. He had a bad hernia that was causing problems. He is fine now. He will have to have surgery to fix it, but will go back to LA to do that. He was in Los Angeles with us for Dancing with the Stars, but will go home to Louisiana to see his regular doctor.”

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