Raw Footage of Shots Fired at Canadian Parliament

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Which should Americans find more disturbing, that our neighbors to the north have been attacked by a radical convert to Islam, or that someone captured the moment on video? While a gunman entered a government building, someone managed to video the next moments. It appears that Canadian security standards are somewhat different than those in the U.S., but that is likely to change now that terror has reared its ugly head.

What has the U.S. done in response? Given speeches, held press conferences, offered prayers for the fallen…When researching the current threat level on the NTAS (National Terrorism Alert System) website, what was absent was strange. Information regarding the abandonment of color coded, i.e. Bush era, threat level system is there, but no alert related to Wednesday’s shooting in Canada.

Nothing, zip, nada about a “radicalized” gunman entering public areas and killing a member of the Royal guard just before attempting to shoot politicians. Also, it would appear a second “fence jumper” made entry at the White House and there is no alert? How is this possible? There have been no updates to the site since September 5, 2014.

At a time when ISIS is encouraging converts to “just do it” when it comes to Jihad, it seems an appropriate response in North America would be to heighten security everywhere and find a way to send a message to any home grown terrorists that attacks on public places and officials will be met with swift and certain action. Why the Obama Administration can’t grasp that is beyond reason.

H/T: The Blaze

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