Lt. Col. Oliver North Sources Anticipate ISIS Attack on US Embassy in Iraq

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When Greta Van Susteren asked Ollie North what President Obama would do in Iraq, the Lt. Col. responded, “I don’t think he gives a damn.” It would appear that ISIS is a bit more than a JV team nuisance to the Administration. According to North’s sources in Baghdad, recent attacks on Kobani are a distratction. It has been reported by “boots on the ground” that the real plan is to attack the U.S. Embassy in Iraq and also secure large areas controlled by Sunis.

Additionally, North warns that the Ayatollahs in Iran need to be watched carefully. Justification for nuclear aspirations in Iran are likely to be bolstered by Suni strength and Shiite populations put at risk by ISIS in Iraq. It seems the only thing these barbarians want to do more than kill each other is to kill Americans.



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