Football Team’s Watermelon Ritual Gets “Racist” Coach Fired

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Academic Magnet, a charter school in North Charleston, is having a heck of a start to their football season. Led by head coach Bud Walpole, the Raptors have experienced a six-game winning streak, putting their record at 6-2. This is quite a jump from past seasons. The team has gone 29-70 over the past ten years.

Many attribute the Raptors’ most successful start in the school’s history to Walpole’s leadership. Others say it’s due to a tradition which was started just before the team embarked on their winning streak, which has come under intense media scrutiny.

In a completely innocent move to build team spirit and enthusiasm, players began smashing a watermelon and eating it before their games. It was all in good fun until the PC Police got involved. The parent of a player on an opposing football team got wind of the watermelon smashing ritual and complained to a Charleston School Board member, claiming the tradition was racist. The parent’s complaint was accompanied by an allegation that players were making “monkey noises” as they participated.

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The school board member who received the complaint brought it to the principal of Academic Magnet, Dr. Nancy McGinley, who investigated the matter. Students reported to McGinley the nature of their pre-game habit: two students would smash a watermelon with a face drawn on it with a black marker. The image was described as a “caricature.” The rest of the team would stand in a circle and chant.

McGinley found the stunt innocent enough, but the rest of the school board did not agree. They fired Walpole on Monday.

Luckily, the community is not about to let this exemplary coach’s career be squashed by a handful of leftist windbags. Players, parents and supporters have rallied behind Walpole. One of his African American players, Darius Nwokike, even started a petition on to have his coach reinstated. The petition is titled “Reinstate Bud Walpole’s coaching eligibility.” It reads:

Bud Walpole has been terminated from his head coaching job of the Academic Magnet Football team, which is currently having a record-setting season which includes a 6-game winning streak. The Charleston County School District has decided that smashing Watermelons (a fruit) after a win is offensive. Please support the AMHS football team by signing this petition.

If you support coach Walpole and think that his dismissal was an attempt by the Left to perpetuate their incessant race-baiting agenda, you can sign Nwokike’s petition right here. It has already garnered more than 4,000 signatures.

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Jakob Cumins signed the petition and revealed:

“Coach Walpole is one of the nicest, most hard-working men you will ever meet. He has spent 31 years of his life dedicated to coaching sports in CCSD. To have something so dear to him be ripped away by the school board for SMASHING WATERMELONS is absolutely cruel. If it had been a pineapple or apples or any other kind of fruit this would never have happened.”

Another Walpole supporter, named Michael Thomas, remarked that the watermelon smashing was completely innocent, rather, the move to fire the well-respected coach was the racist act. “This decision to remove this coach is racist,” Thomas commented.

As for the “monkey noises” an overzealous parent complained about, Nwokike quickly dismissed allegations of discrimination. “I’ve heard people say they were monkey chants, which is absolutely not true,” he said. “They were just football shouts, like any you would hear on a football field.”

The player also defended the faces drawn on the fruit. “They were just faces, they weren’t provocative at all,” Nwokike said. “They were just like simple smiley faces.” The horror!

As if the Left’s race-baiting could get any more pointed, an editorial written in the Charleston City Paper stooped to an all-time low, referring to the Academic Magnet student body as “racist douchebags” over their watermelon smashing activities. Are you sick of liberals decrying everything under the sun is racist? Tell us in the comments section!

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