Ebola Now in Northeast

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The Ebola nightmare is continuing today as the deadly virus has possibly spread to the northeastern United States.

A Liberian man who flew from West Africa to Brussels and then to Newark, New Jersey was quarantined on Tuesday for evaluation “as if he had Ebola.”

Newark is one of five airports in the country that has started using added screening measures in an effort to combat Ebola. The man landed in Newark at 1 pm and was singled out for additional screening after showing signs of a fever.

Out of caution, doctors are already evaluating the man “as if he has Ebola.”

On Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that the man was not exhibiting Ebola symptoms and that it is unlikely that he has the disease.

While some may find this comforting, it could very well be an attempt by the Governor to prevent public panic as well as outcry for allowing the man to land in Newark in the first place.

Since Newark is extremely close to New York City, many of the man’s fellow passengers are undoubtedly there right now. If he does indeed have Ebola, it surely won’t be long before the virus starts popping up in one of our most populated cities, New York…

What do you think this new case means for our future? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: The Blaze

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