Grisly New Crime Scene Photographs Revealed as Jodi Arias Awaits Sentencing

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After a trial which made national headlines, 34-year-old Jodi Arias was convicted of murder for the horrifying death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. However, jurors were deadlocked when it came down to deciding if the crazed harlot should be sentenced to death or spend life in prison. Now, a sentencing retrial has begun with an entirely new jury, and prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty.

“The only just punishment in this case is death,” prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez told the Maricopa County Superior Court at the end of his opening statement on Tuesday. “This is how much she loved him,” he remarked as he held up a picture of Alexander with his throat slashed.

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In case you missed the media spectacle that was the Jodi Arias trial, here are some of the grisly details of her crime, which were revealed in court:

  • Arias stabbed and slashed Alexander’s body nearly 30 times in a fit of rage.
  • Before shooting Alexander in the forehead, Arias slashed his throat so deeply that she almost decapitated him.
  • Arias left Alexander’s body in the shower, where friends found him five days later.
  • Arias acknowledged killing her ex-boyfriend, though said she did so in self-defense after he attacked her.
  • Arias testified for 18 days, claiming an abusive childhood and a past riddled with cheating exes and dead-end jobs.
  • Arias shocked jurors with her testimony of the explicit sexual affair she carried out with Alexander, who she alleged was abusive.


Friends of Travis Alexander found his decaying body in the shower five days after Jodi Arias brutally murdered him.

Arias’ defense lawyer, Kirk Nurmi, told jurors that they will be hearing lurid details of the sexual relationship his client shared with Alexander, and they will be seeing gruesome crime seen photographs. Still, Nurmi says she is not guilty because she is mentally ill.

400 prospective jurors were interviewed over the past several weeks for the retrial, which is expected to last into December. Many of those individuals were dismissed because they were already too familiar with the case to make an impartial decision, or they had personal biases against the death penalty. The fresh jury consists of 12 women, 6 men and 6 alternates. They will not be deciding guilt or innocence for Arias, as she has already been convicted, but will rather be determining if she should live or die.

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The Daily Mail revealed that should another deadlock occur in which the jury is unable to decide Arias’ fate, the death penalty will be removed from the table altogether; an option that her lawyers sought after Arias was convicted. In this case, a Judge would have the sole discretion to either sentence the murderer to life in prison or life in prison with the possibility of release after 25 years.


Bloody scene: Arias stabbed Alexander nearly 30 times before slitting his throat so deeply that she almost decapitated him.

In an attempt to protect Arias’ right to an impartial jury, Judge Sherry Stephens has shut the media and public out of most of the new hearings. The trial will be filmed, though Stephens has forbidden it from being broadcast until after a verdict is reached. Attorney David Bodney, who is representing media outlets fighting for transparency in the case, is one of several individuals who believe Stephens has gone too far and has violated the First Amendment rights of the public to attend the trial. Arias’ first trial drew throngs of spectators who would wait in line all night to get a coveted spot in the courtroom the next day.

Arias seems to thrive off of attention. In fact, psychologists have alleged that when Alexander began turning his attention toward another woman, Arias snapped and killed him. We may never know the whole truth of the circumstances which compelled Arias to murder Alexander, because Arias can’t tell the truth to save her life – no pun intended. What we do know is that Arias is enjoying every minute of her time back in the spotlight. Let’s hope this new jury is able to reach a swift and just decision.

Do you think Jodi Arias deserves to die for the murder of Travis Alexander? Tell us in the comments section.

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