Hollywood Actress Quarantined After Exhibiting THESE Frightening Symptoms

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Doctors feared the worst this weekend when actress Tori Spelling was hospitalized with symptoms that have become frighteningly familiar.

Tori was rushed to the hospital with a high fever as she coughed uncontrollably and had difficulty breathing. These symptoms have become staples of the Ebola virus, causing many to fear that the epidemic has spread to Hollywood.

Doctors immediately put Tori in quarantine while they ran tests on her. The results revealed that the television star actually has a severe case of bronchitis, with a sinus infection on top of it.

While doctors say it is unlikely that Tori has Ebola, they are still taking every precaution with her. Tori remains in quarantine in a Los Angeles hospital, where doctors can observe her symptoms and make sure they don’t take an Ebola-like turn.

Tori Spelling, whose father Aaron Spelling was an extremely wealthy television executive, is a staple on the Hollywood social circuit. If she indeed does have Ebola, she could have spread it to any number of celebrities before she was hospitalized.

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