Obama Embarrasses Himself on National Television & It’s HILARIOUS

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The midterm elections have been the subject of heavy contention for President Obama, as numerous Democratic candidates distance themselves from him in response to his dismal approval ratings. At one particular campaign event this past weekend, an audience even walked out on one of his speeches. This latest report will only add to Obama’s embarrassing reputation.

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The President’s utter incompetence was on display this weekend in Chicago, when he made an awkward spectacle out of casting his early vote for the midterm elections. Obama appeared visibly confused as to how to operate the electronic voting machine, a task simple enough for a monkey to understand.

It took Obama an excruciating six minutes to cast his ballot. All the while, the news anchors broadcasting the event awkwardly tried to think of things to say as he struggled. “He looks somewhat unfamiliar with this particular voting machine,” remarked a reporter. “He had to get a little bit of assistance there.”

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“It’s pretty user friendly,” said another anchor, who was clearly amazed that Obama was having so much trouble. “He looks like he’s making sure he’s not making any mistakes,” said the first anchor, trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

No wonder Obama never gets anything done! Let us know what think of his latest blunder in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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