ISIS Taunts U.S. With THIS New Video

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ISIS has released a new video that has Americans everywhere outraged…

The footage shows an American airdrop of military supplies that were meant for Kurdish forces. Unfortunately, ISIS intercepted them, so the U.S. has effectively just supplied the terrorist group with weapons.

Finding the situation to be absolutely hilarious, ISIS fighters posted sarcastic “thank you” notes to the United States online. One picture of an ISIS fighter with the weapons was even captioned “Team USA.”

While the failed airdrop was certainly humiliating, experts say it was not a major strategic loss. ISIS already has millions of dollars of American weapons that they famously took when they surged Iraq in June, so using our weapons is not a new thing for them.

Despite this, it’s still an embarrassing loss that makes us look weak and stupid to ISIS and their followers.

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H/T: Daily Mail


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