See How Obama Just RUINED The Democrat’s Chances This Election

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With the election just days away, Democrat candidates everywhere are desperately trying to distance themselves from the increasingly unpopular President Obama.

However, being the self-centered fool that he is, Obama is not letting them go without a fight. His latest comments on the elections have liberals everywhere outraged, and just may have ruined the Democrat’s chances of winning the election.

When race-pimp Al Sharpton asked Obama about Democrat candidate’s recent behavior towards him, the President proudly said that they are only trying to distance themselves from him in states where people are too dumb to have voted for him in the first place.

Obama then added that these candidates are “are all folks who vote with me” and are also ““supporters of me.”

He ended this ridiculous rant by saying that most of the Democrat candidates trying to distance themselves from him “supported my agenda in Congress.”

These comments are sure to be a kiss of death for the Democrat party, as polls show that Obama’s approval ratings are at an all time low. While it remains to be seen how this election will play out, it’s not looking good for liberals…

What do you think of Obama’s latest comments? Will they have an impact on the election? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Political Insider

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