This New Evidence May Exonerate Officer Darren Wilson In Ferguson Shooting

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Newly leaked evidence from the grand jury investigation into the death of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown appears to be corroborating the story of Officer Darren Wilson.

Wilson has told investigators that he shot Brown in self defense as they struggled for his gun inside his police cruiser. Forensic evidence has corroborated this story, showing that Wilson’s gun was fired twice in the car. One shot hit Brown’s arm and the other missed him entirely.

Brown’s blood was found on the gun as well as Wilson’s uniform, supporting the cop’s claim that there was a struggle for the weapon.

Though the case being presented to a grand jury is meant to be confidential, this new evidence was reportedly leaked to the press by courtroom insiders. Experts are saying that the evidence is so in Wilson’s favor that the police officer may not be facing any charges at all.

The grand jury will release their ruling in November, at which point all Hell could break lose in the St Louis area. Ferguson gangs are already planning a retaliation attack against the police force if Wilson is exonerated for the shooting.

What do you think of this new evidence? Will Wilson escape without charges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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