American Intelligence General ADMITS 9/11 Was FAKE

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This is the video our government does not want you to see…

General Albert Stubblebine is a retired American Intelligence General who is the highest ranking official to investigate 9/11. Perhaps because of his elderly age, the government thought they could control whatever he said.

They turned out to be very wrong…

Through his investigation, Stubblebine figured out that 9/11 was a fraud. He claims that no plane hit the Pentagon, as evidenced by the fact that the shape of the hole in the building had no wing marks.

Stubblebine is not sure exactly what hit the Pentagon, but he knows that it was not the plane that the government said it was.

After he made these claims, Stubblebine suspiciously retired and moved to Latin America. The American media ignored his story, and it was only reported by foreign press that could not be controlled by our government.

What do you think about Stubblebine’s findings? Is the government trying to shut him up? Sound off in the comments below!

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