Ferguson Protesters Threaten To Burn The Nation If THIS Happens

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Thanks to his own testimony and that of dozens of witnesses, it looks like Officer Darren Wilson will be acquitted for the killing of Michael Brown. Needless to say, the Ferguson rioters are not pleased about it…

Now, the idiot race-baiters are flooding the nation with threats of the havoc they will cause if Wilson gets off. Violent tweets from angry Ferguson protesters feature threats of everything from gang violence to large scale terrorist attacks if the trial does not have the outcome they desire.

 Reports say that a call has been issued to all rival gangs in the St. Louis area to join together in a violent attack on the police force.

The “Operation Ferguson” twitter handle even issued a tweet asking Palestinians how to build Kassam rockets that are commonly used for terrorist attacks.

In the coming days, we will find out whether or not these race-pimps are all talk. If they are indeed serious, the Darren Wilson trial could have a drastic impact on all of our lives…

Do you think there is any truth behind these race-baiter’s threats? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune 

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