ISIS Video Shows Woman Stoned to Death by Her Own Father

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Shocking footage understood to have been filmed in the Syrian city of Hama, has been released by ISIS militants fighting in Syria. It shows a woman being stoned to death by a group of men, including her own father, for allegedly committing adultery. Most of this video is too graphic to show.

The Muslim cleric seen in the clip tells the woman to be “content and happy,” as God has ordered her to die by stoning. The woman desperately begs forgiveness from her father, but he shows her no mercy, wielding the largest stone which eventually kills her. “Don’t call me father,” he tells his daughter as she is about to die.

The five-minute video shows an ISIS militant help the poor woman’s father to tie a rope around her neck and drag her into a pit, where the brutal stoning takes place.

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The video was recorded on a cell phone and shared by ISIS via social media. It appears to be another piece of propaganda, this time advocating Sharia Law. This horrific reality is what Islamic State terrorists desire for the Western world. They are shedding their blood so that they might eventually establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate where Sharia Law governs the people of the Earth.

This horrific incident looks eerily similar to another which took place in Raqqa earlier this year, in which two women who were accused of having sex outside of marriage were placed in holes and stoned to death by a group of men.

While Muslim women are forbidden from any sexual contact outside of marriage and stoned to death on the mere accusation of adultery, Islamic men are held to a much different standard. They rape young girls and conduct lucrative businesses selling sex slaves, yet somehow radical Islam justifies their behavior.

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This archaic way of life is the reason most of the Middle East has not made the same progress as the Western world. As long as Muslims treat women as though they are completely worthless, they will continue to be a culture devoid of growth and progress. Shockingly, this is what they want for the rest of the world. If radical Islamists had their way, the rest of us would be forced to give up our way of life and instead live day to day with atrocities like the one seen in this video.

When we make exceptions for Muslims in America, forcing the majority of society to accommodate a radical minority, we are essentially sending the message that Sharia Law is acceptable. The same Muslims who refuse to eat pork also subscribe to far more disturbing principles, though it’s rarely talked about for fear of offending the PC Police. Their “religion of peace” teaches them to stone women accused of adultery, and this video shows what a proper trial looks like under Sharia Law.

Radical Islam must be stopped. Tell us how you feel about what happened to this poor woman in the comments section.

H/T: Daily Mail

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