Hot Girl Claims Cop Sexually Assaulted Her, Video Evidence Proves The Truth

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When Deanna Griego was arrested for drunk driving, she thought she had found the perfect plan to dodge the charges. That is, until her arresting officer exposed her or the liar that she is.

Dashcam footage shows Officer Jared Frazier pull over the sexy 23 year-old, and at first she tries to charm him into dropping the charges.

“I’m going to school for being a cop!,” she says in a perky voice as she gives the cop a sultry look.

Officer Frazier, however, is immune to her charms, and he quickly makes it known to her that he will not be letting her off the hook. Once they arrive at the station, Griego realizes she’s going to need to come up with another way to dodge the charges.

The young woman ends up accusing her arresting officer of sexual assault. In today’s paranoid world, an accusation like this could easily ruin someone’s life, but Officer Frazier stays calm. He points out that he has the entire arrest captured on video, and promises his superiors that the footage will prove his innocence.

“Basically the whole thing’s on video,” he tells the paramedics on the scene. “She’s accusing me of touching her.”

Sure enough, the video proved that he did nothing wrong. Griego was charged with DUI, but she may be facing charges for falsifying a report as well.

“The desire to frame officers for wrongdoing is a growing issue facing officers every day. We believe that the public should be held accountable for filing false reports against police officers,” said Albuquerque Police Department spokeswoman Stephanie Lopez.

“These incidents can be very damaging to an officer’s career, so we hope that this individual and others face appropriate consequences for their malicious actions.”

What do you think about what Griego did? Do you think she should face charges for lying? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: The Blaze



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