Hot Girl ASSAULTED By Mall Cop, Then THIS Happens

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This shocking footage shows a mall security guard brutally assault a hot shopper who was detained in a holding room.

The video shows the female mall cop hit the shopper with the door before kneeing her in the face and pulling her around by her hair.

Though the incident occurred in September of 2013, the security footage was not released until this weekend. Shockingly, it was the shopper who was charged with assault afterwards. Police did not allow her to view the security video, so she felt that she had no choice but to plead guilty.

Now, the shopper is demanding the charges against her be dropped, saying that this video proves the mall cop hit her first. Had she been able to see this video beforehand, the girl says that she would never have plead guilty.

Watch the footage for yourself and see what you think. Which woman should have been charged with assault for this incident? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Liveleak

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