Christian Pastors To Be Arrested For Refusing To Perform Gay Weddings

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In Couer d’Alene, Idaho, married, ordained Christian ministers own a wedding chapel. They have already refused to conduct one same-sex marriage and city officials are threatening fines and jail time. Donald and Evelyn Knapp are not backing down.

Even though the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel is registered as a religious corporation, the religious beliefs of its owners are seemingly irrelevant. City officials are citing a 2013 Ordinance that forbids “places of public accommodation” from discriminating based on sexual preference. With same sex marriage becoming legal in Idaho last Wednesday, the ordinance will be enforceable on entities like the Hitching Post for the first time.

Once upon a time in America, being religious…yes, mostly Judeo-Christian, was accepted and celebrated as part of U.S. Culture. Rebellious youths got tattoos, experimented with drugs, protested wars, or came “out of the closet” to be counter culture. Changes are afoot.

In 21st century America, not only is the Pledge not followed by prayer, but prayer is not permissible in public schools, unless you’re Muslim, apparently. Tattoos? Head to toe on most professional athletes and entertainers. Drugs? These have been made legal in a few states and laws concerning them are practically ignored in all of them. Wars? Disparaging U.S. Troops is no longer done by high teens at rainbow rallies, but by those running for office and running the country. “Out of the closet”? Not even necessary anymore. Kids can define themselves as gay, straight, bisexual, gender neutral, trans-sexual…anything goes and must be considered “normal” lest someone’s feelings get hurt. Marriage of people who live “alternative” lifestyles must be allowed and even endorsed. Pastors are being routinely questioned about their sermons on the subject of homosexuality. The world in 2014 bears almost no resemblance to that of just 40 years ago.

Progress can be a great thing. Very few would like to return to the pre-ipod era or to getting up to change one of 3 TV channels. But, isn’t there a line with regards to respecting the beliefs of others we just shouldn’t cross? No one would dream of demanding an Imam perform a gay wedding. Homosexuals are routinely murdered in that faith system. But in the USA today, Christians must be accommodating to every cultural whim or be persecuted. Christians will unite and stand firm on this matter, not to show fear or hatred toward homosexuals, but simply to live out their convictions. Perhaps the real solution here is for the government to get out of the marriage policing/defning/taxing business…

The Alliance Defending Freedom is defending these pastors. May common decency, religious freedom, and the American way prevail.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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