Obama to Allow Ebola-Infected Africans Into US to Receive Treatment

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Citing an unnamed source, Judicial Watch reports that President Obama is formulating plans to admit Ebola patients from other countries into the U.S. for treatment. As details of these plans emerge, it begs the question: Is this in the best interest of our country?

Numerous conservative pundits have often stated that Obama prefers to be a citizen of the world than of the U.S., which may work for him, but he is President of this country. Looking out for the health and welfare of U.S. citizens is basically the job.

Not only is bringing Ebola patients here not directly in the best interest of Americans, but who is going to pay for it? Can West Africans afford to come here? If they come here and get well, can they afford to get back home? What about paying for treatment and accommodations while here? Is this covered by Obamacare?

Sympathies for those infected are proper and appropriate. Prayer for those infected and their loved ones should be encouraged. Even assistance in West Africa by American volunteers and military, to some extent, are a generous gesture behind which most U.S. citizens proudly stand. Bringing the threat here? That seems an unnecessary move that does not provide for the common welfare called for in a little document called the Constitution of the United States.

Judicial Watch also states that their source is concerned activities related to bringing these patients here are actually illegal. Obama, it appears, will side step Congress in order to accomplish this end.

H/T: Judicial Watch

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