Sharia Law Mandates Practice That Spreads Ebola

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As if ISIS and radical Islam in all its forms were not enough of a threat in life, it would appear that even in death, these religious zealots are a plague to humanity, literally. The ghusl is a ritual bathing commonly practiced among Muslims of all sects. When this bathing involves a dead, Ebola riddled body, however, it can be a deadly proposition.

In its latter stages Ebola causes lesions on the skin, extreme bowel disturbances, and a variety of other fluid producing symptoms. When the stomach of the decedent is pressed, as in ghusl, the attendants are likely exposed to a variety of bodily fluids with no barriers to prevent infection.

Gross? Yes, but it gets worse. Before prayer, individual Muslims practice ghusl to cleanse themselves. At a funeral ceremony, a common bowl for washing is often utilized meaning if those attending to the corpse were to become infected and wash in the communal bowl, everyone else who dips in the water is also at a grave risk of Ebola.

World Health Organization officials have attempted to educate practitioners of Islam, but are being met with significant resistance. Reports from the Red Cross even make the claim that proper disposal of Ebola patients is prohibited by Muslims who have even stolen bodies in order to perform ghusl for a proper burial.

Islam makes exceptions to this bathing ritual for those trapped in disasters or martyred in battle. It would seem appropriate that such exceptions would be made for cases in which the ritual would put other Muslims at risk of the same disease that took the decedent in question. Otherwise the vicious cycle will continue. As of yet, the ritual is still mandated.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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