Scientist’s Frightening Warning: Ebola Virus Mutating, Becoming More Contagious

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Health officials have been unsuccessful in containing the deadly Ebola virus since its outbreak in West Africa this summer, which means it has had ample time to mutate, becoming more and more dangerous as time goes on. It looks as though we have the World Health Organization to blame for this, as officials admitted yesterday that their incompetent staff was responsible for letting the outbreak escalate to devastating proportions.

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A Liberian Red Cross burial team suits up to collect an Ebola-stricken patient in Monrovia.

More than 8,000 individuals have been infected in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. As the virus ravages West Africa, it has also spread to the United States, where one man has died and two nurses are being treated in isolation. As the death toll approaches 4,000, a well-respected scientist from the U.S. has issued a warning which should have us all extremely worried.

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A medical team makes their way through the streets of Monrovia, Liberia.

Peter Jahrling of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease is in charge of a team working in the epicentre of the Ebola crisis: the Liberian capital of Monrovia. After witnessing an unprecedented amount of patients contract the virus, Jahrling believes that this strand of Ebola is unique from anything he has seen in the past. He reported:

“We are using tests now that [we] weren’t using in the past, but there seems to be a belief that the virus load is higher in these patients [today] than what we have seen before. If true, that’s a very different bug. I have a field team in Monrovia. They are running [tests]. They are telling me that viral loads are coming up very quickly and really high, higher than they are used to seeing. It may be that the virus burns hotter and quicker.”

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A health worker escorts a mother and her baby from a holding center in Monrovia.

This disconcerting news comes as President Obama firmly refuses to enact travel bans from West Africa. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged the EU to pledge one billion euros towards thwarting further spread of the virus. Cameron said:

“This is the biggest health problem facing our world in a generation. It is very likely to affect a number of the countries here today. Britain, in my view, has been leading the way. The action we are taking in Sierra Leone where we are committing well over £100 million, 750 troops, training 800 members of health staff, providing 700 beds – we are doing a huge amount. I think it is time for other countries to look at their responsibilities and their resources and act in a similar way to what Britain is doing in Sierra Leone, America is doing in Liberia, France is doing in Guinea.”

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Public Health England (PHE) will be screening passengers arriving in Britain from West Africa. PHE’s Duncan Selbie explained:

“Next week the focus will be on Gatwick and St Pancras and, once settled there, we will then move to include Manchester and Birmingham. I appreciate very much that we are taking people away from their normal work, and please be assured that we are thinking hard and listening carefully to those on the ground to see how we can make this more sustainable. What I am certain of is that we have the people who know how to keep the country safe and that is exactly what we will do.”


Ebola screening has already begun at Heathrow Airport for passengers coming from West Africa.

Do you think Obama should be listening to experts who have worked extensively with the Ebola virus and have warned that it is mutating and becoming more dangerous? Is it high time travel bans were enacted? Sound off in the comments section.

H/T: Mail Online


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