Amid Constant Bad News, A Nurse Captures Something Heavenly

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Across countless cultures, centuries, and religious belief systems, angels have consistently appeared as messengers of hope. Even those who do not embrace traditional faith often believe in winged heavenly beings. Even when there may be “rational” explanations for things, like the cumulus clouds in front of the sun, those who believe can still find a little comfort in the appearance of something seemingly supernatural.

Andrea Dikantova, 36, took this picture with her children near her home in the village of Gerlachov, Slovakia. She showed her children the angel and then grabbed her mobile phone to snap a picture so she could share her experience with others.  A local weather man immediately dismissed her “vision” and “explained” what she “actually” saw.

angel 2

Why are many people so quick to dismiss or explain away something that another human finds inspiring? If a creator is out there, could he not shuffle a few clouds or send an impromptu messenger to bring a little hope or light into someone’s day? Even if one does not accept that this image is divine, it is certainly beautiful. For people of faith, no further explanation is necessary. Disbelievers are free to disbelieve. Christians and other deists would just prefer atheists not try to interfere with their beliefs.

H/T: Daily Mail


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