White Family Assaulted By Black Teens, Media Ignores Reverse Racism

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June 6, Hamden, Maryland Christopher Fisher, Kristina Gibson, and their son Logan board the Maryland Transit Authority number 22 bus driven by Karen Murphy. Murphy, who is black, has been charged with assault and conspiracy as video from the bus’s surveillance system confirms the stories of Fisher and Gibson.

According to Gibson, when asked to move to the back of the bus by Murphy, Gibson informed the bus driver it was too crowded. At this point Murphy verbally assaulted the white family and told someone nearby to “make the call”. As the situation escalated, Gibson and Fisher reached their destination and were followed off the bus by a group of black teens. Murphy was quoted as saying, “I’ll take care of you” to the group as they exited the bus. The family, including 9 year old Logan, was then beaten and pepper sprayed.

Where are the hate crime charges here? What is obviously an orchestrated attack by members of one ethnic group against another must certainly be a hate crime in 2014. Where is the ACLU? Not only is the main stream media not running with this story, but the civil liberties watch dogs are conspicuously absent. Further, Gibson reports that it took nearly 2 weeks for detectives to even investigate the matter.

No word from the MTA. Murphy, however, has been relieved of her bus driving duties.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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