Citizen Pulls Over an Unmarked Police Car, Shock and Awe Follow WATCH

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While police officers are busy guaranteeing citizens uphold the law, who is holding them accountable? Gavin Seim recently seized one such opportunity. It seems Washington State very clearly defines what law enforcement activities can be conducted from an unmarked vehicle. When Seim confirmed that this officer was using an unmarked vehicle for patrol, he sprang into action.

In an effort to quell fears about cop impersonators taking advantage of unsuspecting citizens, a statute was introduced¬†stating that unmarked police vehicles cannot be used for patrol. This officer is caught off guard by an informed civilian reciting the particulars of the law with which he himself was not familiar. The officer’s attitude goes from annoyed to distressed when Seim explains the portion of the law that holds the officer peronsally responsible for the activities he/she conducts in an unmarked vehicle.

Priceless is the reaction of the officer when Seim requires actual identification and sites his daughter’s safety as his chief concern. Accountability in law enforcement and all other public servants is the job of the citizenry. Kudos Mr. Seim. Kudos….awfully nice of you to let him off with just a warning.

H/T: The Blaze

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