Obama Enacting Travel Bans … But It’s Not What You Think

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The Obama Administration has blood on their hands for refusing to enact travel bans on countries in West Africa where the Ebola outbreak has killed thousands. It is Obama’s fault alone that American citizens have contracted the deadly virus, after the President’s lackadaisical response to the outbreak allowed an Ebola-stricken man to travel to Texas after knowingly contracting the virus in Liberia.

Finally, after persistent urging from advisers and the American public, Obama has agreed to enact travel restrictions, though they are not the ones we had hoped he would enforce. Quite possibly, they are worse.

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After sending upwards of 4,000 U.S. troops to render aid to Ebola-ridden countries in West Africa, Obama is banning these soldiers from returning to the United States without first participating in a 21-day quarantine to ensure that they are not exhibiting symptoms of the highly-contagious virus. Leave it to Obama to attend to a national crisis by slapping the military in the face.

The military should be fighting ISIS, not Ebola. Civilians traveling from West Africa should be placed under mandatory quarantine, instead they are¬†entrusted via the honor system that they are in fact healthy and will not infect other Americans. Unfortunately, during Obama’s presidency, every day is Opposites Day.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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