Don’t Mess With Texas: Attorney General Defends Christian Pastors Against Liberal Mayor

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In Bible Belt Texas, the city of Houston has been caught issuing several subpoenas for pastors’ sermons as well as other communications that churches have had with their own congregations.

The city has attempted to veto sermons and other communications that preach opposition to anti-discrimination/equal rights city ordinances that in the real world gives rights to certain groups and slams those who oppose the special treatment as discriminators.

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But Attorney General Greg Abbott has told Mayor Annise Parker that she has crossed the First Amendment line. Mayor Parker received a letter from Abbot stating that her subpoenas were to be withdrawn “immediately”, and Parker is now bringing the Constitutionally-guaranteed word of the people back to the churches from which she took them. But she’s not apologizing, or even backing down. Shes states that the subpoenas needed to be clarified more stringently:

 When I looked at it I felt it was overly broad, I would not have worded it that way myself,” she said. “It’s unfortunate that it has been construed as some effort to infringe upon religious liberty.”

Well, strangely, Parker had fully backed the subpoenas, reportedly saying that the pastors that were involved in opposing these city ordinances had made themselves “fair game”.

But then the letter from Abbott and the following statement from Texas Rep.Louis Gohmert have let Mayor Parker know that this isn’t a game at all:

“Apparently, the subpoena was not merely about sermons, but also about harassment for exercising 1st Amendment religious freedoms that are in conflict with totalitarian-loving, Judeo-Christian heritage hating city officials. It appears they saw how this administration has successfully used the courts and IRS to harass and eliminate political adversaries without any adverse consequences, and so they are giving their own abuses a try.”

So what now? The blatant abuse of power is perhaps a new topic of which the pastors will preach. The Constitution of the United States of America: dreamed up, fought for, and implemented by the Puritan patriots in the birth of this country has been so violated by Parker for the sake of defending a lifestyle choice that was never illegal in the first place, I wonder if she remembers the words she spoke in her 2014 Inaugural Address?

“We recognize the sacred trust we have assumed. Whatever our differences in philosophy, in personality, in opinions, we will endeavor to reward your faith in us.”

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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