HIV Scare Threatens to Shut Down California’s Most Controversial Industry

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One of California’s most controversial  – and profitable – industries is under fire after yet another adult film actor may have tested positive for HIV. A previous event in August spurred a three-day moratorium, after which the actor in question was told their test had registered a false positive. Now, The Free Speech Coalition, a California-based trade group representing the pornography industry, is calling for another three-day production moratorium following a possible HIV exposure on an out-of-state film set.

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After California lawmakers passed a 2012 law mandating the use of condoms during filming, much of the industry moved to Nevada, where it’s legal to film all the unprotected sex your heart desires. The Free Speech Coalition called for the halt on Wednesday, although they did not name the state where the film set was located. Diane Duke, the organization’s CEO, said, “As with past production holds, we ask that people refrain from speculation until more news is forthcoming, and respect performer privacy.” The notion of “performer privacy” is a bit redundant in this situation, don’t you think? I digress…

There are certainly two sides to the pornography coin. Strict regulations from the California legislature have driven much of the state’s once booming adult film industry out of state, taking a great deal of tax dollars with it. Many argue that the industry does a fine job of keeping its actors safe without the harsh laws, which only serve to put a damper on business. The Daily Mail reported that California’s porn industry has seen a 90 percent drop in revenue since the regulations were passed.

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However, this new HIV scare will certainly fuel the fire for those who believe that these “actors” should be more closely monitored. A previous moratorium last September prompted a requirement that porn stars test for HIV and STI’s every 14 days instead of 28. Additionally, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an organization heavily involved in the bill to enforce condom use, is still fighting for more strict regulations. Should this porn star test positive, they may have the ammunition they need to completely drive the industry into the ground.

An announcement is expected Friday on whether production can resume and whether performers should have additional HIV testing. Mr. Conservative will be sure to keep you updated on all the details. We know you’re just hanging on the edge of your seat.

What do you think? Does California have bigger problems to address than this rift in the adult film industry? Sound off in the comments section!

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