John Kerry Could be Facing Life in Prison

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Secretary of State John Kerry has put together a new international aid package for Hamas at the behest of President Obama. The $5 billion in aid is supplemented by U.S. taxpayer dollars and will supposedly go towards the reconstruction of Gaza after the latest conflict with Israel.

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At a meeting in Cairo, Kerry said:

“Out of this conference must come not just money but a renewed commitment from everybody to work for peace that meets the aspirations of all, for Israelis, for Palestinians, for all people of this region. And I promise you the full commitment of President (Barack) Obama, myself and the United States to try to do that. Make no mistake: What was compelling about a two-state solution a year ago is even more compelling today.”

Giving money to Hamas is the same as aiding and abetting terrorists. They have used previous aid from the United States to purchase rockets and missiles, as well as to construct the terror tunnels used to attack Israel. John Kerry should be tried for treason for this aid package given to known terrorists. He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

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How do you feel about your hard-earned tax dollars being handed over to radical Islamic terrorists? Tell us in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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