PROOF Obama Was Not Born in U.S.


October 16, 2014 10:44am PST

Barrack Obama, born Barry Soetoro, has been all but forthcoming about his national origin and religious background. This video aims to clear up those discrepancies, though the information is contains will not make you feel any better that Obama is leading the free world.

Obama attended grade school in Indonesia, where it is against the law to have dual citizenship. His school documents show that he was a citizen of Indonesia, which is irrefutable proof that he was not born in the United States.

The same school documents claim that Obama was a Muslim. He was instructed on the Islamic religion at this Indonesian school as part of the regular curriculum. To date, there is no proof to suggest that Obama is not still a member of the Islamic religion.

Obama has attempted to sweep all of this information under the rug by providing his birth certificate, which claims he was born in Hawaii. However, upon closer examination, the document which Obama’s camp is trying to pass for a birth certificate as been obviously falsified. The certificate, which Obama endorsed, has no official stamp from the state of Hawaii, therefore it is completely invalid.

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