Newly Surfaced Footage Shows Bin Laden ADMIT He Had Nothing to do With 9/11

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Many Americans believe we engaged in a war with the wrong party after the September 11 terrorists attacks. This vintage footage may give some weight to those views.

Just days after 9/11, CNN reported that Osama Bin Laden denied any involvement in the attacks on the World Trade Center. This seems odd, considering the fact that terrorists are usually quick to claim credit for destroying the infidel. In their deluded vision, it puts them one step closer to receiving 72 brown-eyed virgins.

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Here is Bin Laden’s statement:

“After the recent attacks, which the U.S. has witnessed, the U.S. government ventured to point fingers at me, accuse me of involvement. The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seem to have been planned by people for personal reasons. As for me, I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leader’s rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations.”

Bin Laden appears to insinuate that if it were not for his leader, he would have been happy to attack the United States. He also hints that 9/11 was an inside job, as many far-right truthers have alleged.

Does this video make you question the events surrounding 9/11? Tell us in the comments section.

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