Would Stopping Air Travel From West Africa Prevent More Ebola Cases In The U.S.?


October 16, 2014 5:27am PST

Ebola is a very serious, deadly virus about which Americans know very little. Misinformation is flying around news sources everywhere who aren’t consulting actual medical experts. What is known, however, is that at present it is largely contained to West Africa. What the Obama Administration seems to misunderstand is that their job is to look after the needs of Americans first. That isn’t racist or mean spirited in any way, that is the constitutional obligation of the federal government.  What do the American people want? According to a recent poll, U.S. Citizens want Ebola to be contained in West Africa.

Every argument from racism to Obama’s declining African popularity has been cited as to why this administration will not temporarily suspend travel to and from the region. No matter what the reasoning, it is dangerous. Who has suspended travel? British Airways, Kenya and other African Countries, Morocco…the list is quite extensive. Who is missing? Just the leader of the free world. The U.S. has physicians who are actually saying suspending air travel to the region would make it harder to track cases. Remember, these are the same people who gave 2000 guns to Mexican Cartels and lost them. Their tracking track record is not good.

Bill O’Reilly, John Boehner, and a number of others seem to understand that to stop a sinking ship, you first plug the hole. This is true of everything from immigration to Ebola. Stop the movement of the illegal activity, or in this case the disease, and then you can formulate a rational way with which to deal with the problem. Identifying the source of contamination, however, is critical and that is EASIER to do when all those infected and those with whom they have had contact are in one place.

What does illegal immigration have to do with Ebola? If the U.S. happens to finally get on a rational track and suspend Visas and travel from the impacted areas, our porous border will be the only point of entry for those infected who are hoping for better health care. Ebola is a health crisis, but also a national security issue. Why Obama can’t see that is beyond reason. It is also difficult to ponder that this virus has been identified since the late 1970’s and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has spent more time studying bicycle helmets than this potentially fatal disease. The U.S. government has been dropping the ball on this issue for decades, Obama is just the latest culprit.

H/T: Real Clear Politics

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