15-Year-Old ISIS Sex Slave Exacts Epic Revenge on Captors

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The brutalities of the Islamic State know no bounds. The merciless terrorists are known to capture young girls and sell them as sex slaves to the highest bidder without ever batting an eye. After being sold for as little as $10, many of these poor girls die at the hands of their captors or take their own lives in a desperate attempt to end their suffering. One 15-year-old found a better way out.

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The unnamed Yezidi girl was captured several times in Iraq by ISIS terrorists, but escaped every time. She fearlessly exacted the ultimate revenge on each of her captors and is now being heralded as a hero by the entire world. Held hostage by a Palestinian man, the young girl befriended his housekeeper. This housekeeper took pity on the young girl and snuck a gun to her from her employer’s personal stash. The girl used her abuser’s own gun to shoot him when he least expected it. He died at the hands of a 15-year-old girl and will never be able to torture another innocent child.

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After escaping the clutches of this man, the girl was captured yet again and sold to a Saudi fighter for $1,000. But she was not about to give up her fight for freedom. When her new master attempted to force her to convert to Islam so that they could be married, she drugged him. After the girl slipped a powdered substance into her captor’s tea and his friends’ drinks, they all passed out. This allowed her to escape to Turkey.

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Once in Turkey, the young girl reunited with her older brother and the pair made the dangerous trip back to Iraq, where they are now staying at a refugee camp. This amazing story is just a small glimpse into the reality of everyday life for Christians in the Middle East. We are blessed to live in a country where freedom is a natural born right. Many individuals, like this little girl, are not so lucky.

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