Reality Star DESTROYS Obamacare in Seconds


October 15, 2014 1:47pm PST

Rick Harrison is the owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, and star of the hit reality show “Pawn Stars.” He recently sat down with Fox & Friends to discuss the repercussions he has seen as a business owner due to Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act.

Harrison revealed the shocking way which Obamacare has negatively affected his small business. The radical healthcare mandate has driven the cost of his employees’ medical coverage from $19,000 a month to a whopping $30,000 a month.

When asked if Obamacare was hurting small business owners, Harrison replied:

“Yeah, I mean it’s really difficult to do business sometimes. I mean, just for my little pawn shop, insurance went from $19,000 a month to $30,000. Last month. I have 60-year-old women who have to have pregnancy coverage now. I mean I have some of the squarest ex-cops working for me now that have to have drug rehab.”

This is the exact reason why no Republican supported Obama’s ridiculous overhaul of the healthcare system; it is absolutely absurd. The Democrats will pay the price for their blind support of Obamacare in the midterm elections.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune


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