Glenn Beck Reveals Four Of His Employees Live HERE

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Glenn Beck made a shocking revelation on Wednesday that could change his life forever: four of his employees live in the same apartment complex as the nurse who just tested positive for Ebola.

“You’re listening to a broadcast that is 15 miles away from that hospital. Fifteen miles,” Beck said on his radio show. “We now have four — four, count them, four — employees that just this morning have come to work and said, ‘The guy who just went in the hospital, that’s my apartment complex.”

The unnamed healthcare worker tested positive for Ebola on Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas. The apartment complex has over twelve buildings, so the likelihood of his employees being infected is low, but Beck is still unsure of what to do.

“The CDC should be telling people [what to do in this situation],” Beck said. “I’m a businessman. I have four employees now that live in that complex. They don’t live near that apartment. I don’t think they’re infected. It doesn’t seem reasonable. What do I do? This is the problem with the CDC. What do we do? We’re not experts, you nincompoops. You are!”

 Beck also read out the letter his employees received telling them that cleaning is underway in all areas that could be infected. The popular conservative host then blasted the CDC for the chaos currently surrounding Ebola in this country.

“It is massive, massive incompetence,” Beck said. “I’m telling you, this administration and the entire government is going to go down as criminal on this. They’re going to be remembered as criminally incompetent on this.”

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H/T: The Blaze


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